SEO audit service

SEO audit service means analysis of your website. That is, it tells you what gaps exist in your website, what steps you need to take to appear in search results, and what changes you need to make according to search engine algorithms.


What do you do after SEO audit the site?

If mutual agreement is reached, based on the results of SEO audit, we begin SEO work in the direction of elimination of technical, on-page SEO) and off-site SEO (off-page SEO) gaps in the website.


Why should I SEO audit my site?

Without an SEO audit, you can't see what gaps exist from your website. As a result of SEO audit you can plan SEO work. Basically, you understand how much time you have to spend on which exercise.


How long does SEO take to work?

The result in SEO work varies according to the website, sector and sector competition. An average of 4 months to get results in SEO studies is necessary. Of course, this may vary from sector to sector, depending on the degree of competition, but it should be noted that SEO work is not satisfied with just 4 months. SEO work is one of the services that is important to be continuous.


What tools do you use during SEO auditing?

There are many SEO analysis tools available for website SEO audit. Each of these has its own unique functions. “SemRUSH”, “Ahrefs”, “Ubersuggets”, “Woorank”, "MOZ", etc. We analyze your website using SEO tools. As a result of the analysis, we send you all the gaps in the technical, internal site (on-page SEO) and external site (off-page SEO) available on your site in pdf format via mail.

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