TV and Media Planning

Proper media planning has a positive impact on the quality of your advertising strategy and serves to share your marketing budget more efficiently. An analysis of the consumer's tendencies towards correct demand and behavior ensures that the message to be given is clear. Having the message clear and clear makes it easier and faster to achieve the goal. The target audience and the form of the message provide clearer details about which methods and channels to use to achieve the planned results - TV, newspapers, search engine, social media, paid advertising channels such as e-mail or SMS.

As Trustme Digital agency, based on all this information, we prepare the media plan in accordance with the marketing strategy of your brand. It determines your Media budget in accordance with the created roadmap, completing the media procurement processes, we begin to implement the plan. Our media planning teams design for you what language and how your media will be in harmony with each other.

Our goal in Media planning is to ensure that the message you want to give reaches the right target audience at the right time and place, and ultimately increase product awareness. In a successful media plan, all processes must be applicable, developable and measurable. In the Media plan, it is expected that the planned and achieved results coincide with each other.

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